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2015/16 Meeting Notes

Dan Meyer, Weekly Hardwood Review – A Stable Year with Less Growth Ahead for 2016

Dan Meyer gave an informative presentation reviewing lumber markets in 2015 and then looked ahead, forecasting markets for 2016. Overall, it looks like markets will grow less than last year but should be somewhat stable. This will vary by lumber grade and markets.

Want to learn more? ¬†View Dan’s entire presentation.


Brent McClendon, NWPCA, says Wood Has More Potential in the Pallet and Container Industry

Brent McClendon, President/CEO of the National Wood and Pallet Container Association spoke at the September meeting in Johnson City, TN.

McClendon spoke on the past, present, and future of wood consumption for wooden pallets and containers.

Did you know that the pallet and container industry is an industry worth $11.5 billion annually and is expanding? 450 million new pallets are made every year.

Want to learn more? View Brent’s Entire Presentation.