Appalachian Lumbermen's Club

Supporting Responsible Lumber Practices

Membership Information


Membership is open to lumber manufacturers, wholesalers, consumers, timber owners, foresters, officials of other lumber clubs and publications, and suppliers directly related to the wood products industry.


When joining The Appalachian Lumbermen’s Club, you are associating yourself with people involved in all aspects of the lumber business. Members come from the Appalachian, Northern and Southern region, not just a single state. The meetings are held centrally, typically throughout North Carolina, as well as Tennessee and Virginia.
Members join from across all parts of the lumber business, including log buyers, lumber purchasers, lumber salespeople, logging, trucking, insurance, chemicals for dipping lumber, as well as other service providers to the industry.
Networking is the single largest benefit of joining Appalachian Lumbermen’s Club. Few other lumber organizations cross every part of the lumber business. ALC also works hard to continually provide helpful informational programs specifically addressing current issues and information in the lumber business to its members at each meeting.


The fee is $250 per year to become a member. In July, members renew their dues and update the membership information list. Each person has an individual membership which cannot be transferred to anyone else. We also welcome guests to our meetings.
Join today to start networking with fellow members. That person you meet today may be your supplier or future customer tomorrow.